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Therapy Services

Young man and woman smiling at each other in autumn fields.

Couples Therapy

Are you looking to learn ways to communicate better, rekindle or strengthen you relationship, or heal through past wounds?

Young father and daughter playing a carnival game next to two other children.

Family Therapy

Do you need help connecting with your growing & changing children, finding routines that work for your unique family, or learning ways to work better together?

Woman seated on the ground while looking at a lake and mountain.

Individual Therapy

Do you ever feel anxious, depressed, burnt out, or stuck trying to find balance and boundaries amidst life’s many stressors? Maybe you want to learn more about yourself and your limitless potential?

Woman walking through a circular rock maze near the ocean edge.

Trauma Therapy

Are you ready to start a journey of healing; of acknowledging the generational traumas, painful memories, stress and hurt, and moving through them to a place of safety, security, and hope?

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